What is Vovia?

Vovia is a trivia game app that embraces the trend towards voice-based computing with the functions, which include switching between lock mode and unlock mode by sensing users’ activities and playing trivia game just by speaking.

Users being able to interact with its virtual assistant, learn how to ask questions, view information, and discover the features. The screen will be automatically locked while driving, but the voice system is still on. Vovia utilizes artificial intelligence to send nearby opponent notifications on driving mode to bring fun game experience.

Vovia does not take much attention for drivers because it is simple quizzes with yes or no, A and B options. Users can play and stop the game anytime by saying the commands.

My Role

Finding Problems

1.1 As a skill of Virtual Assistant App
  • 1: Although virtual assistant Apps allow users to interact with virtual assistant without touching the phone screen, it distracts users from listening to trivia quizzes, understanding the meanings, and thinking about the answers while driving.

  • 2: As the skills of virtual assistant apps, they often have limited features.

  • 3: Integrating different situations into user experience design is crucial, but the current trivia game skills are not comprehensive.

The research indicates it is crucial to integrate at home and in-car situations into the game experience.

1.2 Trivia Apps

According to the researches of trivia apps, their common problem is how to motivate users to play their trivia game consistently. They are often overloaded with stereotypes that do not line up with reality and lack of sufficient game experience.

Dig the internal problems from the two competitors.

Researches & Data Aanalysis

2.1 Data Analysis

Based on Google Play research, I found five segments of mobile game players globally, defined by the relative importance of social aspects of gameplay, and their level of passion for gaming.

2.2 Competitive Analysis

Part 1: Trivia Apps

Part 2: Virtual Assistant Apps

2.3 SWOT Analysis


  • 1: Automatically lock the screen when driving. Not only allow users to play the trivia game at homes but also in cars.

  • 2: Motivate users by sending them nearby opponents, and ask them to play the game when stuck in traffic jams, and drive on safe highways.

  • 3: Say commands to control the voice system.

  • 4: Create simple trivia quizzes that don’t distract drivers when driving.

  • 5: Allow users to invite friends and add opponents as friends.

  • 6: Create a reward system that bases on coupons, cashback, and gift cards.

  • 7: Add background sounds, such as handclap and cheer when playing the game.

Target Audience

Vovia’s target audience includes connected enthusiasts, playful explores, influenced players, and tentative followers. They are 20 to 45 years old students and workers who have a medium-tech level and like to explore new things. They speak English as a first or second language. Accents are possibly included in their speaking.

Conversation Flows

Include 3 conversation flows in the project.

  • 1: Play trivia game with opponents nearby

  • 2: Create quizzes

  • 3: Ask about the new reward challenge

User Testing

6.1 VUI Testing Goals
  • 1: Improve language understanding.

  • 2: Evaluate the ease of speech recognition when using the skill.

  • 3: Increase the different ways end users can phrase requests to the skill.

  • 4: Ensure that users can speak to the voice assistant naturally and spontaneously.

  • 5: Ensure that the voice assistant understands most requests users make, within the context of a skill's functionality.

  • 6: Ensure that Vovia responds to users' requests in an appropriate way, by either fulfilling them or explaining why she can't.

6.2 VUI Testing Results
6.3 Wireframes & Feedback
6.4 Iterations

Example: Homepage Development

Homepage version 1-3

Homepage version 4-6

UI Design

Include 3 parts UI Design

  • 1: Set up wake words-designed for new users

  • 2: Talk to Vovia

  • 3: Game Content

7.1 Talk to Vovia-VUI

Aim to show the difference between driving mode & regular mode. When in driving mode, no information will appear on the phone screen when cars are moving. Users can use voice commands to make requests. When regularly, users can view the information on the phone screen.

7.2 Game Content-GUI

This part interface design includes: homepage, categories, create trivia quizzes, reward challenge, all rewards, and wallet. The GUI design is about teaching users how to talk to Voiva, create useful paths to get through voice mode, and provide the information that is easier to understand for users.