Women's Rights

Project Type: Type Composition | Topic: Social Problem | Typeface: Helvetica Neue

Women's Rights is a social problem poster. The purpose of designing this poster is to learn how to utilize a typeface to convey the information and take viewers attention to the campus rape issue. In order to create a successful typographic poster, the typography and concept are considered as crucial parts. Besides, the alignment, native space, hierarchy, and colors are important to accomplish a compelling design.


Project Type: Visual Literacy | Title Typeface: Rockwell | Text Typeface: Helvetica Neue

"Strength" aims to bring a strong concept through the composition of typeface and photography. Narrow down the topic and find out a particular scope to well bring the concept is the first step to the design. Then, select two typefaces as title and text are essential to achieve the project goal. I use Rockwell (bold) and Bodoni (black) as title typefaces to represent the power of the word "strength." Also, design the text base on the information create visual interest in the project.

Project Type: Visual Literacy | Title Typeface: Bodoni | Text Typeface: Baskerville

Brochure Design

Project Type: Type Composition | Typeface: Avenir Next

The brochure design is about representing the characteristic of a typeface. Learning and understanding the usage of the typeface help discover the project concept for conveying its characteristic. I choose Avenir Next as the typeface because of its excellent readability and elegant design. Also, the word "Avenir" is French for "future." Therefore, create a series of design pieces within the concept of "future" is the goal of the project. Below is one of the spreads of the brochure design.

Magazine Design

Project Type: Type Composition | Typeface: Avenir Next & Baskerville

The magazine design is about using typographic skill, photography, and illustration to create visual compositions. The magazine refers to Tibet Tangka art, which is a Tibetan Buddhist painting. Thanka is colorful and detailed art. It often has elaborate compositions, including many tiny figures. Therefore, the sans-serif typeface is considered to work with the illustrations and photographs to achieve a balance in design. Below are the examples of the magazine design.