Type Classifications Poster Series

Type classifications poster series are three informational posters that are representative of the classification. The primary purpose of these posters is to educate readers and viewers regarding the taxonomy of typefaces—what makes each of them different from the other. The posters should work together as a set, but each one will present and promote only one type category. In order to achieve the goal through the design, I use the same grid for each of them, plan and design the negative space on the page. Also, create the hierarchy of information in the design.

Font Design

The font design is the forms based on the sketches. The characters in typefaces should look like a group—strokes, shapes, angles, serifs, and other parts are reused from character to character. I explore a variety of different ideas for mark-making, curves, and strokes. Then, I attempted to show diversity in possible directions and reveal the ideas and thought process behind the forms.

Personal Stationery System

The project contains stationery set for myself that includes a letterhead, business card, and envelope. The solutions of the stationery set should be primarily typographic. The great design has a creative graphic design process. So, I create many sketches, compare and select the most potential idea. Use topographic skill to refine them, and choose one as the final project. The project aims to show a simple and elegant design that contains limited elements with the design principles.