is a part of, and it cooperates with several car rental companies. Users can make reservations through the platform successfully. However, the primary problem is that the information include is not organized and clear. It also contains unuseful and repeated information. Therefore, the project focuses on information architecture design and enhance usability. Besides, the UI design needs to be consistency and clean.

Finding the problems

  • 1: The top navigation bar features are incomplete.

  • 2: The homepage contains unuseful and repeated contents.

  • 3: The critical information appears with unrelated content.

  • 4: The rental options page has a timer, and keep showing random booking info to remind users that someone just booked a car, which creates a sense of urgency.

  • 5: A lot of animated loading icons that use company logos as background shows when loading a page, which increase page loading time.

  • 6: The website is not easy to use and pleasurable because it often appears distinct mistakes that broke design principles.

  • 7: The website design does not match what the App displays.

Redesign Goal

Create a functional and easy-to-use platform for users and convey trustworthiness through the design. Produces an efficient and delightful end-user experience by enabling users to achieve their objectives in the best way possible.

IA Map


Design Highlights

Final Design